Snow Blower Maintenance

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Old man Winter is here. Snow blowers are a necessity in many parts of the country. Like any machine, they require to be maintained every once in a while.

The most important thing you can do to ensure that your snow blower is ready for that big snowfall coming your way is to maintain your fuel system. If it doesn’t want to start, it is typically a fuel problem.

The best time to prevent-system problems is in the spring time, prior to storage.

Make Sure the Carburetor Is Full of Gas

There are generally differences of opinion on this one. One school of thought says that closing off the fuel line and running the engine to empty the carburetor, will prevent varnish from clogging the jets that inhibit the engine from starting.

Snowblower Maintenance

Here is the problem though. Leaving the carburetor empty and exposed to air quickens oxidation and formation of varnish. The change of seasons means fluctuating temperatures and humidity, which also hastens the process through the year. Before you know it, tiny orifices in the carburetor get plugged up. Next Winter, you are in your garage smelling like gasoline while trying to spray carb cleaner on everything.

The easy solution to avoid all of this is to just add fuel stabilizer at the end of the snow season, run the engine for  just few minutes to allow the treated gas to get through your snow blower, then shut the engine off. Finally, you can shut off the snow blower’s fuel line for the summer. The treated fuel in the carburetor bowl will protect and keep your engine clean and ready.

I know some of you reading this will say you should run the carburetor empty, and that the gas will evaporate. True, but evaporation takes a long time, and at least your carburetor will be protected until then.

Stabilize the Gas In Your Tank

I can’t stress enough that you should treat your gas with fuel stabilizer before storage. Stabilized fuel will protect against oxidation and varnish through the summer.

Fight the Effects of Ethanol Gas

It is possible for melted snow to turn in to water and get into your gas tank, causing the bond between ethanol and gasoline to break down. This process is called phase separation. The ethanol and water mixture gets into the engine’s combustion chamber and caused your engine to run lean. Overtime this can damage your engine.

The best way to avoid phase separation is to use ethanol free gas. For many people, this is just not available though. What you can do instead is to use the best fuel additive, AMSOIL Quickshot, in your tank. AMSOIL Quickshot was developed to specifically address ethanol related problems.

If you use ethanol-blended gas, consider continuous use of a fuel additive, such as AMSOIL Quickshot, formulated to address ethanol-related performance issues. You can use AMSOIL Quickshot in any seasonal equipment like snow blowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV’s, cars, boats, lawnmowers, etc.

Change the Oil In the Spring

Its not secret that used oil is acidic and WILL corrode metal components if not changed on a regular basis. Before you put any of your machines into to storage or long periods of non use, change the oil to remove acidic byproducts and preserve maximum protection. After changing oil, be sure to run the engine for a few minutes so the oil can distribute to the lower end of the engine.

Use a Fogging Oil

AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil provides protection against corrosion and will extend the life of your snow blower engine. You can also use fogging oil in your motorcycle, snowmobile, ATVs, lawn equipment, portable generators, hand-held power equipment, chainsaws, marine outboard motor, stern drive and inboard marine engines, personal watercraft, p motor scooters, powered farm equipment, powered construction equipment, cars and trucks. Your cylinders, piston, and valves will be protected during storage.

To use fogging oil, you just remove the spark plug, and spray a quick shot of fogging oil into the cylinder. Then, slowly pull the starter cord a few times, just to distribute the oil, then put the plug back in.

Check the gear housing

Make sure there is no debris around the filler port first, then remove the plug and make sure there is enough gear lube. It should be to the top. You can use our oil and filter lookup tool to find the correct gear for your needs.



Jim Underwood


  1. I do not own a snow blower but would love to in the future especially with our Ohio winters. I did not realize there was so much maintenance to keep it up and running, but I can recognize that it is necessary as with all motorized machines. Thank for all the info, myself as well as my stepdad will benefit greatly!

  2. This may be a silly question because I actually have an electric snowblower. It’s the Snow Joe if that matters.

    I understand that clearly I wouldn’t have to worry about the gas related pieces of the maintenance, but are there any additional items I should focus on for an electric snowblower? I know generally speaking electric engines require less upkeep than gas/oil based engines, but this is the first one I’ve ever bought!

  3. Hey Jim, I just placed my order yesterday and it is already on my front porch! I can’t believe how fast my AMSOIL order was delivered.  I knew that I was getting free shipping on AMSOIL products, but I didn’t know I was getting FAST SHIPPING ON AMSOIL products.

    I just want to let everybody know that Best-Synthetic-Oil-USA.com sells the best synthetic motor oil and filters for any car.  I always get my oil for the lowest price, and Jim is able to answer any question about what the best motor oil is for your vehicle.

    • Thanks Michael, it is always good to hear from AMSOIL customers.  Your business is appreciated.

  4. I didn’t know that you had to do all of these things to protect a little machine like a snowblower. Well I guess maybe not so little. I don’t personally own a snowblower but my parents do. I wonder if they are aware of this? I will have to let them know everything you said about treating the gas with a stabilizer and things. I will be sure to forward a link to your post on to them. thanks!

  5. I have been a long time user of AMSOIL for about 15 years now. I started using full synthetic AMSOIL in my motorcycles, and then put it in my Ford F250.  After seeing the improved gas mileage and how well my truck started up even in the cold weather, I knew that I was hooked for life.

    Now I run AMSOIL in anything that has an engine. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, even my lawn mower and of course my snow blower.

    I signed up as a Preferred Customer, and now I get referral points for turning other people on to AMSOIL!

  6. I use AMSOIL 5w-30 in my Poulan Pro PR241-24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snowthrower, Model -961920092. I also use AMSOIL Quickshot in the tank. It fires up every year no problem.  

    I’ve used AMSOIL in all of my cars for years, nothing beats the 25,000 mile protection.  AMSOIL is better than Mobil1 any day.  I like that I place my order online, and it arrives in a day or two.  Signing up as a preferred customer is the best way to save on AMSOIL. 

  7. Hello Jim,

    I just finished going over your website on AMSOIL products for all different types of cars trucks,and equipment. I’m very familiar with this line of product. I was a auto mechanic for 18 yrs. When I was working for a private shop we would sell AMSOIL full synthetic oil.  

    I’m interested in becoming and AMSOIL Dealer, is this something that you can help me out with? 

    • Sure, I would be happy to help you start your own home based AMSOIL business. I have helped numerous dealers gain success through the years.

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