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Full synthetic AMSOIL motor oil isn’t contaminated with impurities and molecular irregularities that conventional oils are. Synthetic oil is pure, and consistent in its molecular makeup. This uniform structure provides your vehicle with

  • Superior wear protection
  • Better performance in extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Better fuel effeciency
  • Saves you money by allowing your vehicles to run better and last longer

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AMSOIL Cold Pour Test

It is crucial that your motor oil has the ability to flow freely at low temperatures, especially if you live in an area that experiences cold winters. In order to show how AMSOIL full synthetic oil is truly the best synthetic oil, we compared it to conventional  5W-30 motor oil in the video below.

See how AMSOIL performs under cold temperature, and then ask yourself which one you want in your vehicle.

Should you use synthetic motor oil?

Now you see that synthetic oils are better than conventional oils, you might want to know why. The differences start at the very start of the molecular level.

Engine Protection

Think about this- – The only thing that protects your engines metal surfaces from touching and wearing down is a microscopic film of oil. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil provides your engine with a more durable layer of protection. Your engine’s lifetime is maximized by this reduction in wear and tear.

Extreme Temperature Protection

The Cold Never Bothered AMSOIL Anyway –  AMSOIL Gives you 36% EASIER AND FASTER COLD STARTUPS

When those harsh winter temperatures plummet, your engine’s motor oil gets thick and moves slower.  This causes your engine to be unprotected for a short time during startup.  Since AMSOIL is more fluid compared to conventional oil, it can reach the vital components 36% easier and faster during those harsh cold starts. Your engine gets a more immediate protection and reduction in wear.


Car manufactures are designing engines differently, to keep up with the increasingly strict fuel economy requirements.  This causes engines to run hotter than they have in the past. Today vehicles have an average operating temperature up to 235°F, or even higher if used under heavy loaded conditions. This can cause motor oil to break down and lead to sludge, deposits, and oxidation.

But independent lab tests prove AMSOIL synthetic motor oil keeps engines 81% cleaner* (5 times cleaner) compared to  conventional oil.  How you ask? Because AMSOIL resists the formation of deposits.


Cost Savings

What does all this mean for you?

It doesn’t matter if your vehicles are  tuned for speed, modified for towing power, or just an impecably  maintained family SUV, this is your vehicle and you rely on it.  You deserve the  right level of protection.

From classic American muscle cars to European elegance and everybody  in between, has  a synthetic motor oil that is perfect for your car or truck. AMSOIL full synthetic lubricants are designed to precise requirements of protection and performance.

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  1. I started  using AMSOIL full synthetic motor oil and Ea Oil filters in my 1999 Pontiac Firebird and love that I only have to change my oil once a year! However, I didn’t know AMSOIL is easier on cold starts than conventional oil. I use only Amsoil in all my vehicles–engine, trans, and differential. Best products on the market.

  2. The best synthetic oil is AMSOIL Signature Series, don’t forget to buy a filter too. I’ve been using this AMSOIL in all of my vehicles for the last 12 years. My Ford F150 runs like new with over 240,000 miles on it. I like that I only have to do one oil change per year. I would say that I’m a slightly more active driver, this oil has been the best synthetic motor oil available.

    I put AMSOIL full synthetic motor oil through its paces and its never let me down. It costs less than Mobil 1 and Royal Purple, so AMSOIL saves time and money!

    • Hello,
      There are 2 different full synthetic oils offered for your Ford F250 Super Duty, which you can see buy clicking ==> HERE

      This first synthetic oil is AMSOIL Heavy Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil which offers 4X more protection than conventional oil. This full synthetic oil is an OEM replacement and is recommended for the drain intervals stated by Ford for your vehicle.

      The best synthetic oil for a Ford F250 Diesel though is AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40 This will give you 6X more protection than conventional oil, and will last 25,000 miles or 1 year in your TurboDiesel, when you use the AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter

      Either way, your vehicle has an oil capacity of 15 quarts. If you order 15 quarts and a filter, your order will qualify for free shipping by clicking here ==> FREE SHIPPING

      If you have any more questions, let me know!
      Thank you

  3. Hey, curious, what would you put in a 1993 Ford F 250 7.3 Diesel? the same as the comment above ? lol Mine burns oil so I have to add regularly.

    • Oil consumption can occur when you have a lot of Wear on rings and cylinder liners. The result is a loss of compression, horsepower and fuel economy.
      The type of oil that is best depends on the environment that you drive in.
      Below 90 F 10W-30
      Above 0 F 15W-40
      Above 32 F .30 SAE 30 is preferred.ALL of the above meets Ford Spec WSS-M2C171-F1

      Testing buy an independent comopany has proven that AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil protects 4X better and will reduce wear on your engine.

      You can also get the best oil filter for a 1993 Ford F250 ==> HERE

      You will need 9.8 quarts of oil for your oil change, I hope this information helps.

    • Hi Jordan, your 2011 Hyundai Elantra 2.0l 4 cylider would use 5W-20. I would use AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-20 full synthetic motor oil. It is good for 25,000 miles or 1 year. Whichever comes first. You can find all of the top quality AMSOIL full synthetic motor oil, filters, coolants and additives for your 2011 Hyundai Elantra ==> CLICK HERE

  4. You have so many options posted here! I have used Mobil 1, but I am disappointed with the results.
    A few of my friends have recommended AMSOIL as the only full synthetic motor oil.

    What is the best synthetic oil for a 2011 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2.5L 5 -cyl Engine? Are there any benefits to using synthetic oil in my Jetta?
    Do you sell filters too?

    • I have heard from more than a few people who weren’t satisfied with Mobil 1.
      You can find full synthetic motor oil and filters for your 2011 VW JEtta 2.5l 5 cyl ==> CLICK HERE

      AMSOIL European Car Formula Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-40 provides the best of performance and protection VW and other European cars, diesel or gasoline. It exceeds specifications and has many manufacturer approvals. European Car Formula comes in multiple viscosities and different levels of emissions system protection to ensure your car runs efficiently.

      You can find the best synthetic motor oil and filter for any vehicle by using this lookup tool ==> CLICK HERE

  5. Hello,

    What synthetic oil should I use in my 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan – 3.6L 6 -cyl Engine​​. Also I heard if I left a comment here with the code “DRIVERSAVE” you will email an Uber driver discount?

    Thank you.

  6. I bought a new(old) car a few months ago, and it is time for me to change the oil, I want to use full synthetic AMSOIL. What is the best motor oil for a 2015 Honda Civic 2.4L?

  7. Wow! That conventional oil in the video looks frozen, while the Amsoil flows like maple syrup.
    I have had to buy synthetic motor oil to refill my 2001 Saturn between oil changes and I never knew about the differences between the types of oil. This article is helpful since I’m one of those people who lives in a colder climate and I have to drive almost everyday in the winter.

  8. Great breakdown of the AMSOIL options- I had no clue in the huge differences in synthetic and conventional oils.  Are there some vehicles that should NOT use these products?  In other words…is a car ever too old to change over to synthetic?

    Also do European cars benefit more for using this type of oil/filter…like a 2005 BMW 325i?

    • AMSOIL has an oil for EVERY vehicle. The best way to find out what is the best oil for your car is to use the OIL AND FILTER LOOKUP GUIDE.

      AMSOIL not only sells the best synthetic oil for your BMW, but also has a full line of products that will make sure your car get peak performance.

      Here is just some of what AMSOIL has for a 2005 BMW 325i  for a full list  ==> CLICK HERE

      2005 BMW 325i 2.5L 6 -cyl Engine M54 B25
      All TEMPS….5W-30, 5W-40
      CAPACITIES: With filter 6.9 quarts After refill check oil level.
      TORQUES: Oil Drain Plug…M18x1.5 – 26 ft/lbs
      Oil Drain Plug…M22x1.5 – 45 ft/lbs
      Oil Drain Plug…M12x1.5 – 19 ft/lbs
      European Car Formula 5W-40 Classic ESP Synthetic Motor Oil (EFMQT-EA)
      European Car Formula 0W-40 Classic ESP Synthetic Motor Oil (EFOQT-EA)
      AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters (EA15K08-EA)
      MANN-FILTERS Oil Filters (HU9254x-EA)
      MANN-FILTERS Air Filters (C251141-EA)
      Passenger Car & Light Truck Antifreeze & Coolant (ANTPC1G-EA)
      Low Toxicity Antifreeze and Engine Coolant (ANT1G-EA)
      Initial fill 8.9 quarts
      10/10/2018 AMSOIL Products for the 2005 BMW 325i (2.5L 6 -cyl Engine Code M54 B25 3)… 2/4
      For Manual Transmission: S5D250G (5-SPD) GLS28 All TEMPS
      No recommendations available
      NOTES: (1) Transmissions that have a yellow label with the letters MTF-LT-1 originally required Esso/Exxon MTFLT-1,
      BMW P/N 83 22 9 408 942 which was superseded with Castrol MTF-LT-2 BMW P/N 83220309031 in 2004.
      CAPACITIES: S5D250G (5-SPD) 2.5 pints
      For Automatic Transmission: 5L40-E….AF3
      NOTES: (1) Dexron III. Only use this recommendation if the Transmission oil pan is labeled with Dexron III. Do not
      mix Dexron III with Texaco ETL-7045 fluid.
      CAPACITIES: 4.2 quarts Initial Fill
      5 speed 5L40-E Total Fill 9.5 quarts
      For Automatic Transmission: 5L40-E….SL100
      NOTES: (1) Texaco ETL-7045. Only use this recommendation if the Transmission oil pan is lab
      10/10/2018 AMSOIL Products for the 2005 BMW 325i (2.5L 6 -cyl Engine Code M54 B25 3)… 3/4
      CAPACITIES: 168K Rear 1.9 pints
      Limited Slip Differential, 188K….GLS23 All TEMPS….
      CAPACITIES: 188K Rear 2.1 pints
      Standard Differential, 168K….GLSF1 All TEMPS….
      No recommendations available
      Standard Differential, 188K….GLSF1 All TEMPS….
      No recommendations available
      No recommendations available
      Recommended For: W/ AS/ARS……PS006
      Recommended For: W/O AS/ARS……AF3
      NOTES: (1) Models with combined power steering, hydraulic brake booster and self leveling suspension refer to
      label on top of reservoir for proper fluid recommendation.
      Recommended For: HBH
      Severe Gear® 75W-140 (SVOPK-EA)
      Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Power Steering Fluid (PSFCN-EA)
      Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATFQT-EA) [1]
      OE Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (OTFQT-EA) [1]
      DOT 3 and DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid (BFLVCN-EA)
      10/10/2018 AMSOIL Products for the 2005 BMW 325i (2.5L 6 -cyl Engine Code M54 B25 3)
      NOTES: (1) Use BMW P/N 81 22 0 142 156 (12 oz.) or BMW P/N 81 22 0 142 155 (1 gallon). If unavailable, use a
      low viscosity DOT 4 brake fluid.

  9. I’ve grown to understand that synthetic oil is definitely better than conventional oil but to be honest I never really understood why. Your post clears that up for me a bit! I just bought my daughter her first used car and it will be sitting outside during our frigid Minnesota winters. Before the super-cold blows in I will definitely get that little car in for an oil change and get synthetic oil put in it. Your video showing the conventional and synthetic oil side by side was definitely an eye opener! 

    Do you offer any kind of a discount? Can I get free shipping?

  10. Hi and thanks for the really detailed article and product review. I can see you have so much passion for this topic and you clearly know what your writing about in this review. I am sure fellow motorists will love this sight and anything to improve their vehicles performance is a plus. Thanks, and keep the content coming. Kenny 

  11. I loved reading your article. I have an older car and they are not made anymore. My Fiat 750 is still doing really great. I had to do some major work on the engine and exhaust system. He was made in 1980 and my father first bought it.

    We always used conventional oil and never had any major flaws, but since we changed a lot of things on him – we plan on using synthetic oil. This is how I came to your website.

    Is your oil safe for car like mine? Before buying it I would really like to know this.



  12. What’s the difference between diesel oil and regular motor oil used in cars that run on gasoline? Can I mix the two in my car?  The only reason I ask is that I have a bunch of old but unopened AMSOIL that I have from a previous car, and I want to know if it is ok to use in my diesel truck.

  13. A friend of mine has been a long time AMSOIL user, and said I should reach out to you for an AMSOIL discount. Is it true that you offer AMSOIL Discounts to Uber and Lyft drivers?  What is the best oil for a Jeep Grand Cherokee? Mine is a 2013 5.7L 8 Cyl. Thanks.

  14. Where I live we have hot summers and cold winters.  I have been using full synthetic AMSOIL in my 2010 AUDI A4 since I did my first oil change, and I wouldn’t use anything else.

    AMSOIL is the best synthetic motor oil for any European car. Not only that, but they have the best oil filter for AUDI vehicles.  I know that I am getting the best MPG and performance, and I change my oil and filter every 25,000 miles.

    I get free shipping on AMSOIL by ordering from

  15. I have been using Harley Dealership oil in crankcase and chaincase oil changes until the beginning of this summer.  I ordered the V TWIN OIL CHANGE KIT at the beginning of this riding season, and I was impressed.

    My Softail shifted smoother and I got better gas mileage.  I used my AMSOIL PREFERRED CUSTOMER discount to place orders for all of my riding buddies.

    Now I also use AMSOIL for my 2006 GMC SIERRA 2500 HD Turbo Diesel, and it runs much cooler. Thanks for the disount!

    You can’t beat the 25,000 mile oil change.  

  16. As an Uber / Lyft Driver I need to keep my car running or I can’t make money.  I put about 40,000 plus miles on my car a year, which would be about 10 oil changes a year.

    But after switching to AMSOIL, I only need 2 oil changes a year, which saves me time and money. Plus AMSOIL protects like  no other.

    Thanks for the Uber Driver discount!

  17. I recently started using AMSOIL full synthetic motor oil in my 2010 Toyota Camry. As an Uber and Lyft driver, I appreciate you giving me the AMSOIL discount.

    I put about 36,000 miles on my car a year, and since swtiching to AMSOIL last year I have saved on my vehicle maintenance costs, as well as having my MPG increase thanks to full synthetic AMSOIL.

    I recommend to all of my friends, family, and other Uber drivers.

  18. Have had rust issues in my gas tank before. I did not realize that ethanol was a contributing factor to this problem.  

    After reading your article and checking out the reviews on the manufacturers site I am going the try the AMSOIL QUICKSHOT and see if it helps.  Is this product available in stores or just through the website?


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